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Weekly Picks

Two Trees – this essay by Alyssa Ramsey at the Rabbit Room is simply beautiful.


The Importance of “not” – In our culture of tolerance and unity without the truth, it’s important to remember how often Paul used the words “no” and “not.”


When you need to be moved but you weigh 3,000 pounds – These images of relocating a black rhino are somehow simultaneously absurd, beautiful and inspiring.


The beauty of Afghanistan – “touch down in flight” is a wonderful portrayal of the beauty of Afghanistan’s land and people.


Lessons from Tragedy – I’ve listened to a lot this week about the horrific, depraved situation at Penn State. I’m thankful for Al Mohler breaking down at least one vital lesson for every organization.

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  1. see … all that effort to save a rhino – yet where is the effort to rescue a child implanted ectopically? great illustration. thanks.

    November 12, 2011
    • Jared Olivetti #

      Good point. Depressing, but good.

      November 12, 2011

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