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A Synergistic View of the Congregation

Dr. Wendell McBurney charged the new officers and the congregation at Second Indianapolis RP Church last Lord’s Day. Two new elders and two new deacons were ordained and installed on this special evening in God’s house (one of the deacons needed only to be installed).

He titled his charge: A Synergistic View of the Congregation. Flowing from 1 Corinthians 12, the charge breathed a lifetime of wisdom in one twenty-minute address.

His words drew from decades of accumulated knowledge and experience. He has served and still serves as a ruling elder in the Bloomington, Indiana, Reformed Presbyterian Church. That congregation was in severe decline twenty-five years ago but now flourishes. God blessed his professional work in the academy as Dean of Research and Sponsored Programs at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Currently, he also serves on our denomination’s Vital Churches Committee.

I enjoy warm memories of being in the McBurney home as a four year-old. My father served with Wendell on the session of the church in Bloomington, and we would stop at their home so they could talk. At the time, I found the McBurney’s geese and other fowl in the shed out back to be most interesting, but I digress. I have benefited from his wisdom in the years since. It is usually imparted over a meal or in a quiet conversation away from the crowd. Though more than forty years my senior, he has always made me feel like I am his equal on the team. Other younger men testify the same.

In this public charge, we were treated to something special that applies to every congregation. Listen here to benefit as we did. Dr. McBurney’s words begin at the 33 minute mark. Pastor Bob McCracken preached from Ephesians 3, and you will find his words encouraging as well in the first portion of this recording.

Finally, you can see other pictures of the event here.

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  1. I very much appreciate the site. It is good to get to “know” other RP brethren. The photos are rather good. Why however the Stars and Stripes in the corner of an RP church? Forgive my cultural ignorance.

    December 20, 2011
    • Dear Malcolm,

      We’re glad you enjoyed the pictures, and thank you for your question. The practice of the flag in the auditorium was more common in the past than it now is in these United States. It simply reminds us that Jesus Christ, as mediatorial King, speaks his word through his church not only to the church, to families, and to individuals, but also to the state. In our particular case, that would be to the government of the United States.

      In Christ,
      James Faris

      December 20, 2011

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