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A Graduation Reminder

Last night Sycamore Covenant Academy had a graduation service for five young people.  Through both smiles and tears (including this dad’s), these godly young people sang Christ’s praises, spoke of his grace in their lives, and posed with their parents on each side as their picture was taken.  The evening was a wonderful reminder of the high calling of Christian parenting and the church’s duty to encourage and disciple families in sending their children out prepared to advance Christ’s kingdom.  Our academy’s battle cry is Sicut Sagitae (“Like Arrows”) as in the spirit of Psalm 127:3-5 they have been readied, aimed, and now are being released to bring Christ even into the gates of His enemies.

Fellow blogger and pastor Jared Olivetti gave an excellent commencement address.  Choosing as his theme the Scriptural phrase “Bought with a Price,” he reminded the graduates that our earthly achievements are to reflect our Redeemer’s crafting hand behind them.  To listen to this fifteen minute message (Way to be concise also, Jared!), click  2012 SCA Graduation Message.

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