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Gendercide is the newly coined term for the selective killing of people of one sex.  Most often it refers to the practice of nations which encourage for cultural and/or for governmental reasons the aborting or killing upon birth their daughters in the hope of having male children instead.  Usually we think of this atrocity occurring in nations such as China and India, where their practice of gendercide is well documented.  These nation’s gendercide practices have led to a birth ratio of 6:5 males to females.  Some of the more obvious long-term consequences of gendercide are falling birth rates, national aggression, increased crime,  polyandry, and a heightened sex slave trade.

Yet this practice does not only occur outside the borders of the U.S.  As the organization Protect Our Girls has been revealing, increasingly abortion is being used in our country for gender selection.  This week videos shot in Austin, Texas, and New York City by Live Action show Planned Parenthood counselors helping undercover reporters, posing as pregnant young women, work through the steps of a gender specific abortion.  You can see the video of the Austin interaction below (go to the links in this paragraph for the other video).

What is so chilling in watching these reports are not the graphic images (there are none) or the explicit language (again none is present).  Rather, it is seeing the two women counselors speaking so friendly and reassuringly about safety even as they are discussing the murder of unborn girls.   Who is truly being “anti-woman” here?

Surely Christians will debate over the ethics of these women reporters posing as something they are not.  Yet before condemning them, it would be good to remember that Rahab’s faith and Corrie Ten Boom’s courage employed dealing crookedly with those bent on taking human life.

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  1. Tell me this is one isolated occurrence, or actors!

    May 31, 2012
    • Jonathan #

      It is not. Go to Live Action’s website ( They have well documented Planned Parenthood’s (the largest abortion provider in the world) atrocities, from aiding and abetting the sex slave trade to covering up rape to gendercide. I’m not sure why we as christians allow this to continue.

      June 7, 2012
  2. Great post. =)

    Also, please pray for the act entitled PRENDA which is being voted on in Congress today. The purpose of this act is to ban gender-selective abortions.

    May 31, 2012
    • alcoramdeo #

      Thanks for this reminder, Angie.

      May 31, 2012
  3. alcoramdeo #

    Usually, I “like” your posts, but this one makes that a tough call. I am thankful that you have brought to light this ongoing sin and crime for the Church in North America to be aware of.

    As for the ethics of the reporters, we must recognize that God honored the Israelite midwives who lied to Pharaoh, and remember that we are to judge righteously, not based on conjecture over supposed motives. This informational video and other such disclosures should not serve to *merely* stir us to civil action, but should move us to effectual fervent prayer for the lives of the unborn and for the souls of their parents, the abortion workers, the reporters who expose them, and all the members of the societies in which we have been divinely assigned to live. Then let our actions be in line with our convictions for the sake of the glorious Name by which we are called– let us not have taken that Name in vain.

    Thank you, Brother Barry, for this timely word.


    May 31, 2012
  4. Jeff Kessler #

    Barry: thanks for posting this.

    My thoughts:

    1. I’ve been trying to decide if anything in this video should change the way I feel about abortion. To put another way, once any baby is aborted, should it make me feel different to know the reason of the mother to abort? Maybe it is because I always assumed this was going on and this video just proves what I assumed. That said, I do think there is value to getting this story out, just to make fence sitters and others who don’t like to think about the issue at all to pay attention.

    2. If God allows abortion to continue, and as ultrasounds and other devices get better, don’t be surprised to hear of abortions for other reasons. You know, the whole blue eyed, blond hair thing.

    3. As the great George Grant exposed in his book “Grand Illusions: the Legacy of Planned Parenthood”, M. Sanger and P.P. started by taking out black babies at a greater proportion than white ones. That they now have their guns on female babies should not be a great surprise.

    4. China is way ahead in this game. But what happens long term if nation after nation start to have considerably more boys/men than girls/women?

    5. If it is OK for Christians to be undercover cops (and I think it is), then what could possibly be wrong for one to be an undercover reporter. I don’t know if the women in the video are believers or not, but I have absolutely no problem with what they did.

    May 31, 2012
    • Jared Olivetti #

      Good notes, Jeff. Thanks for the helpful thoughts.

      June 5, 2012
  5. Thanks for posting this Pastor Barry. I’ve seen both this video and the other one on Liveaction, and I found that the problem, more than being the extermination of a girl child ( which can lead to biased responses ), is stemming from a post-modern, relativistic thinking – “Whatever makes you happy, makes us happy…whatever you think is right is right for you, and I won’t make decisions for you on that!”. I don’t think these abortionists would have any greater problem in exterminating a boy, if the woman who walked in said “I already have a boy and I don’t want a boy!”. I sometimes feel social activists trying to pin this down as a Gendercide and fighting against losing girl children are missing the point and fighting a losing battle. As Ray Comfort mentions in his 180 movie: abortion is murder nonetheless and is condemned by God. In my thinking the real battle is for the preciousness of life right from the moment it is conceived by God, not man.

    In India, you will see a more stark religious practice of killing girl children, which is indeed a Gendercide. Recently a Bollywood star kick-started a social change initiative called Satyameva Jayate (Truth alone triumphs, its a popular clarion call of our nation and is found on our National Emblem ), and in one of the episodes he addresses the social evil of Gendercide. Although I still think this guy’s lenses are flawed and more humanistic than Theo-centric, I still appreciate his efforts to bring to light the intensity of this evil in India. You can watch the episode here

    June 1, 2012
  6. just realized that the video link has no english subtitles – its in Hindi language. Here’s one with the subtitles

    June 1, 2012
  7. Thank you for the excellent comments above and for the further insight into the situation in India especially.

    I agree with you all that abortion of anyone, male or female, is equally abhorrent. Highlighting this was to show the utter hypocrisy of those claiming to be helping women and the unintended consequences unbelievers fall into when they violate the law of God. As Psalm 9 states, “The nations are sunk in the pit they prepare…”

    June 1, 2012

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