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RPCNA Synod: The Aquila Report & Non-Reflection

A few people have asked me, “Where are those Aquila Report articles that you wrote during Synod?” “Well, they’re on the Aquila Report, of course!”

Last week the 181st Synod of the RPCNA met in Beaver Falls, PA. Jared spent some time Monday reflecting on the synod; and while my friend Jared was reflecting on the 181st  Synod, I was recovering from synod by taking my kids swimming and then to a Dodger’s game.

So I don’t have a reflection to write, even though I have many, many, many opinions… some of which are not gentle and therefore not blog-worthy. :)  Overall, it was a good synod, and I pray that the unity of the brethren will continue as this little band of Jesus’ glorious bride attempts to live unto His glory!

Here are my ‘from the synod’s trenches’  articles that appeared in The Aquila Report all last week. Enjoy (and read The Aquila Report often… there’s great reading material there). These are my thoughts, I am not speaking on behalf of my congregation, my presbytery, any board of the church, or on behalf of synod. Don’t hold any of the aforementioned accountable for my writing. Enjoy!

Pre-Synod Reflections: Short Synod Not Short on Work

Wednesday: People With Big Vision Communicating That Vision

Thursday: Behold How Very Good It Is! 

Friday: As Men Who Dream

(You have my permission to reproduce any of these articles for any purpose. Please cite the (c) as The Aquila Report per their policy. Also, send me a link or copy of any place they are reproduced. Thanks!) 

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  1. Nathan, can you please give us more info on the “Understanding the Times” committee. Perhaps what it’s official mandate is. What it’s done in the past. Who are the committee members. Any history. Any web links for this info? Thanks.

    July 3, 2012
  2. #

    Nathan, I’m still interested in getting some more info on this “Understanding the Times” committee. I don’t see much knowledge of – or interest in – this part of our denomination’s legacy up in Canada, so if there’s a committee dedicated to it, that might be of benefit, but knowing something of its history and current status would be helpful. Thanks. I also sent a query to your church via its Facebook page. You can reach me by email at if that helps. Many thanks.

    July 6, 2012

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