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Enjoy the Break!

As Gentle Reformation is a voluntary “post when you desire” blog, and with the coming and going of the holiday season, you will not see much of us here this week.  However, as Tim Challies explains, it looks like we would not see many of you here anyway.  Blog traffic is reduced typically about 50% during the Christmas to New Year week, as you are as busy as we are.  So let’s all enjoy the break, and we’ll pick things back up in the new year.

I am excited about ongoing developments. Despite the  lack of activity this week, Gentle Reformation posted significantly more articles in its second year than we did in our first.   We are working on adding audio interviews for next year.  Hopefully one or two others will join us here to provide ongoing fare. We are learning from and having good interactions with other talented and godly bloggers. Articles are being picked up and used by others ministering in other places near and far.  So we will continue to press on with this ministry.

Speaking of going, I would appreciate prayer as shortly Miriam and I depart for Colorado to minister to youth assembled in Colorado Springs.  As I speak on Christ’s Bride & Our Mother: Loving and Serving the Church, I hope the young people will see the glory of the Lord in the local church.  Please pray to that end.

May the Lord richly bless you!

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  1. alcoramdeo #

    Praying now for your journey to and ministry in CO Springs.
    Love the title, and hope you will provide us here the text and/or a link to video or audio of it.

    December 27, 2012
    • I was just about to make the same request,…. so ditto

      December 28, 2012

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