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Rich in God’s Grace

I found this quote in my studies this morning and thought it would be an encouragement as we each look forward to the Lord’s Day. In speaking about God’s grace in raising up Samuel to be a prophet, Dale Ralph Davies writes:

If contemporary believers have a church where social activities, committee meetings, and nifty programs have not eclipsed the place of the word of God, if the teaching of the word of God stands at the heart of the church’s life, if there is a pulpit ministry where the Scriptures are clearly, accurately, and helpfully preached, then they are rich in the grace of God.

If you have such a church family, regardless of what else others might think is missing, give thanks to God for the grace of His Word!

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  1. Thanks for the quote! I love the various programs we have through the week. But, I am always struck with the beauty of seeing God’s people pour into worship in numbers that far exceed any midweek program or event. People know by the word and Spirit – even if they cannot fully articulate it – that the worship of God focused around his word will always eclipse whatever else the church does.

    February 23, 2013
    • Jared Olivetti #


      February 23, 2013

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