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Audio Picks

Here are a few audio picks for your consideration:

Conversations Special: Jonathan Edwards – Douglas Wilson

Not long ago, Douglas Wilson and Joe Rigney sat down to discuss the theology of Jonathan Edwards.  Topics such as typology, the Trinity, and the church are explored in an interesting fashion.  Lovers of theology and aficionados of Edwards will naturally be eager to listen in on the conversation.  Note that the discussion is broken up into seven segments. 

What Every Christian Needs To Know About The Qur’an – Christ the Center with James White

Yes, I know you’ve more than likely heard something like this before- a breakdown of the basic tenets of Islam.  But this is different.  James White brings that something extra to the table, a refreshing combination of scholarship and passion, depth and clarity, as well as evangelistic zeal.  I found myself wanting to hear more by the end.

Presuppositional vs. Natural Theology (June 22nd episode of Unbelievable)

I’m always a sucker for debates revolving around apologetic methodology.  So naturally, I was excited to see Dr. Scott Oliphint invited to the radio show Unbelievable to discuss that very topic.  It wasn’t a stellar episode, but it wasn’t a bad one either.  I’d give it, oh, a B- or B.  The main problem is how much time had to be devoted to explaining what presuppositional apologetics is not.  This stunted the forward progress of the conversation somewhat.       

Jesus’ Resolve To Head Toward Jerusalem – Don Carson

Not only is this a fantastic message worthy of digestion, but in my mind Dr. Carson provides us with a superb example of how scholarship can and should enrich the exposition of Scripture.  Few do this as well as he.  Dr. Carson keeps his finger firmly planted on the text.  Therefore students should pay careful attention to both his style and structure and seek to emulate it to some degree (without trying to be a parrot, of course).

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  1. adamkuehner #

    With all due respect, I would like to suggest that recommendations of theological material by Rev. Douglas Wilson be made with a clear caveat of some sort (given his support of Paedocommunion, Federal Vision, Southern Slavery, etc etc). With many impressionable, young minds following this blog, it would be tragic if the impression were inadvertently given that Rev. Wilson is a “safe” resource for evaluating orthodox Reformed theologians such as Jonathan Edwards. Keep up the good work!

    July 2, 2013
    • That’s certainly a fair suggestion, and one that I will keep in mind for future picks. Thank you. My general posture, however, when recommending resources is to assume that the reader/listener will be discerning, otherwise I’ll have to caveat pretty much everything I recommend :-)

      That being said, some individuals warrant greater caution. So in this instance, I won’t edit the post, but rather allow your comment to provide the necessary caution.

      July 3, 2013

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